Start where you are. Use what you have. Do what you can.

~Arthur Ashee


As an individual business person, I created this site as a way to get businesses and individuals to get to know me. I take business seriously and hope most people do. I'm able to keep my personal and professional life separate.

I feel it's important that businesses get involved with their local and out of town Chamber of Commerce to expand their business and relationships. It's important that their staff is on board with the business owner's goals.

Exceptional customer service is the heart beat of any business. Your policy manual needs to express the importance of professionalism. There is no room for being late, dressing sloppy and being rude. We must take pride in our selves and our work.

Areas of expertise:

  • Social Media

  • Non-profit

  • Small business

  • Corporate

  • Public Relations

  • Public Speaking

Sandra Ganis

        Nationwide- Serving you from Tennessee

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